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Could you be eligible for £5,000+ tax free every year?

We fight to unlock your Attendance Allowance entitlement backed by our No Success - No Fee guarantee!

  • No upfront payment
  • Receive a decision in just 6-8 weeks on average
  • We have a success rate of over 90% at helping clients secure the allowance
  • FREE Lasting Power of Attorney worth £400 for successful applications

What is Attendance Allowance?

If you are aged 66 or over, whether working or retired and are suffering from any medical conditions, then you could be eligible for more than £5,000 tax-free every year if you are entitled to it.

Attendance Allowance is non-means-tested, so the amount you receive is not affected by your income or savings. This benefit is designed to help with the extra costs of personal care that you may need - but you can spend the money however you like.

Attendance Allowance Facts

  • 3.4 million people are not claiming Attendance Allowance.
  • The benefit is paid irrespective of income and savings.
  • It does not affect your State Pension.
  • It is paid TAX FREE.
  • Attendance Allowance could help older people stay independent in their own home for longer.
  • If you are entitled to Attendance Allowance then it could unlock other benefits that you are entitled to like - Pension Credit, Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit Reduction to name but a few!!

Who is eligible to claim Attendance Allowance?

Those who are 66 or older and need help with personal care due to a medical condition may be eligible for Attendance Allowance. You cannot claim Attendance Allowance if you are under the age of 66 or already claiming PIP, DLA or ADP. We are unable to apply on your behalf for attendance allowance if you have already submitted an application. 

You can claim for various conditions, these include issues which affect your daily living. Related to conditions and issues such as: 

  • Arthritis - latest stats show 424,000 people claim for arthritis out of 1.5million people
  • Early onset of Dementia
  • Heart Disease
  • Respiratory Conditions - COPD, Asthma or breathing issues
  • Disease of the muscles, bones or joints
  • Stroke/TIA
  • Back, knee and hip pain
  • Visual Disorders and diseases
  • Parkinsons
  • Neurological conditions 
  • Difficulty getting in and out of your chair or up the stairs
  • Struggling to get in and out of the bath, your bed or shower
  • Struggle with any blurred vision
  • Diabetes
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Anxiety, Stress or Mental Health issues

(there are actually 57 conditions and that's not exhausted, please get in touch if you suffer with any condition that is not listed)

Who is NOT eligible to claim Attendance Allowance?

Please note that you CANNOT receive this allowance if:

  • You are already claiming DLA (Disability Living Allowance)
  • You are already claiming ADP (Adult Disability Payment)
  • You are already claiming PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
  • You are below the age of 66
  • We are unable to apply on your behalf for attendance allowance if you have already submitted an application

See if you are eligible for Attendance Allowance!



Common Attendance Allowance Questions

How much is Attendance Allowance?

The amount of Attendance Allowance varies depending on the level of care needed. As of April 2023 the lower rate is £68.10 per week and the higher rate is £101.75 per week. Any money you do receive doesn't need to be spent on your care.

From April 2024, Attendance Allowance will be increasing by over 6.7%! The higher rate will increase from £101.75 to £108.55 a week, that’s £942 a month per couple. The lower rate will increase from £68.10 to £72.65 a week, that’s £629 a month per couple!

Is Attendance Allowance means-tested? 

No, Attendance Allowance is not means-tested, which means your income and savings will not affect your eligibility.

How do I secure my Attendance Allowance? 

You can apply for Attendance Allowance yourself; however, 60% or more are unsuccessful at completing the 30 page document and are refused.

Our team of specialist advisors can help you complete the application process on your behalf and we have a success rate of over 90% at helping clients secure the benefit.

We can help you secure this lifelong benefit, and we charge no upfront fee. Should your application be successful we charge a fee of £400 plus VAT, which is usually covered by your first back dated payment. All subsequent payments are 100% yours to keep and spend however you like.

We are unable to apply on your behalf for attendance allowance if you have already submitted an application. 

How long does it take to receive Attendance Allowance?

It can take up to 12 weeks to receive Attendance Allowance, but if successful, your claim starts from the day your application is acknowledged by the DWP. We typically see our clients receive a decision in just 6-8 weeks. This is significantly faster than when applying yourself or via other services.

Is Attendance Allowance taxable?

The money you receive isn't taxable or means-tested – so your savings or income won't affect your claim. Claiming also won't affect any other benefits you receive. In fact, it can actually help you get other benefits such as Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, or Council tax Reduction.

We’ve already helped over 2000 + people secure claims of £5,000 a year - unlocking over £5,000,000 in funds!


"Having previously received excellent help from Gareth on obtaining my attendance allowance he then worked to sort my claim for my pension uplift. So many people miss out on this benefit, it’s not easy. Strongly recommend you seek the help from Gareth and his team."


"Lucy at Jonathan Owen took me through the lengthy 30+ page Attendance Allowance application by telephone. She explained various aspects of the application which otherwise I would not have fully understood and helped me in a very friendly and professional manner. My application has been successful with DWP processing it to payments starting less than 4 weeks from sending the application off.Thanks to Lucy and her colleagues for their help and tremendous service."


"Great service by Chloe, lead me through the questions. Very proficient and professional, happy say to I was granted the allowance without any problems. I would highly recommend the Company. Thank for your guidance and help."

See if you are eligible for Attendance Allowance

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Using Jonnathan Owen to help with my Attendance Allowance claim was, made so painless by Them.From my first contact by phone to me recieving my first payment The team guided me at all times. A really huge thankyou to All of You. The claim form is large and detailed but, You held my hand all the way. From my claim form being recieved and my first payment into my bank took, 27 days. Perfect.
Eddy Brown
Brilliant service from Jonathan Owen money was in my bank within 4 weeks thankyou
Kathleen Swinden
First class have already recommend to a friend.made every easy and understand sble .
Elaine kane
Cannot thank a lady called heather enough would have no problem in recommending Jonathan Owen to anybody well done to them
George A Jon
Fantastic service already recommended to friends
Maria L Morris
Thank you very much Jonathan Owen for filling in the form. I got mine attendance allowance in three weeks thank you
Lalji Mepani
Excellent service throughout from Lucy at Jonathan Owen. First AA payment banked approx 4 weeks after initial application. A flawless procedure from first contact.
David Sutherland
Just received my first payment,thanks for your help couldn't have gone any smoother.Kind Regards,Stephen
Stephen Jackson

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